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Founded by Hrishikesh Dutta in 1950, H.K. Dutta & Co. Jewellers is a name to be reckoned with in the jewellery industry in Kolkata.

What started as a small showroom has now flourished into a prestigious boutique, running successfully for six decades. At present, the brand has three showrooms running under the prudent management of Hrishikesh Dutta’s young successor Pradip Kumar Dutta and his son Kuntal Dutta — both progressive artisans in the field of gold jewellery — who have caught the imagination and secured the loyalty of generations of customers by providing cutting-edge craftsmanship and service.

H.K. Dutta & Co. Jewellers deals with all types of heavy and lightweight jewellery, creating masterpieces in breathtaking designs. And it’s not just gold that’s their forte. The brand has also been making exquisite creations in diamond jewellery.

And there are silver gift items as well — spoons, bowls, plates, and so on, which make for perfect gifts for Annaprashans, birthdays, or any auspicious occasion.

We’ve evolved into the go-to jewellery shop in kolkata for everything from everyday wear to beautifully created items for a woman’s most important day. Our pioneering spirit can also be seen in the retail sector. Every HK Dutta jewellery shop in kolkata is equipped with highly trained employees who ensure every customer leaves entirely happy.

Apart from that, H.K. Dutta & Co. also deals in gemstones. Customers can use in-house experts’ help for guidance while purchasing these stones.

HK Dutta treats each customer with special care and attention.

There are gold testing machines where customers can check the purity of gold. The brand levies a minimum making a charge, and no weight is deducted from the weight of H.K. Dutta & Co.’s old gold ornaments at the time of re-selling or exchange by customers.

Customers come first at H.K. Dutta & Co.


H.K.Dutta & co Promise

100% Certified Jewellery

100% Certified Jewellery

Every piece of jewellery you get is fully checked and certified by various reputed agencies. Assurance of purity and quality is our promise.

  • Gold - Certified with BIS Hallmark
  • Diamond - Apart from our quality check , every piece of diamond is certified with IGI,SGL and other reputed agencies. Certificate with every piece.

Shop Online

Online Shopping

you can buy certified jewellery online in our online jewellery shop and by reaching out to our physical shop in kolkata


Trusted Jewellery store in Kolkata since 1950